Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do You Know Whether Nail Biting Leaves The Nails Permanently Damaged?

Numerous people aren't quite sure whether their fingertips will ever be in normal shape again. They wonder if their nail biting behavior will continue to affect them in the future. This article wants to answer the question whether to expect the habit to have some longstanding outcomes.
The good news is that the fingernails, if done correctly, can recover and refresh themselves over time. No matter, how bitten down the stumps are, they can be brought back into shape. In fact, it typically takes a few months until they are totally back to normal.
However, the bad news is that nail biting can have a variety of effects on the afflicted person in another way. Here are some of the long-term consequences that this ingrained behavior pattern brings forth.
First, you should consider the health implications. Not only does nail biting exert additional pressure on the teeth's roots, but in some cases it has even led to cracked teeth. Another way in which the habit of gnawing the fingernails, the surrounding skin and the cuticles can influence the health of an individual are nail infections. This can especially get in the way when performing even the simplest activities like holding a pen etc.
Besides that, the habit helps to transfer bacteria, viruses and germs from the hands to the mouth and lips, promoting the catching of disease, such as the flue or a cold. Just imagining how many objects are being touched every day, bus poles, shopping carts, door handles, computer keyboards, the effects become clear.
But not only the health effects should be mentioned.
The biting condition frequently influences the psyche of a person as well. For example, plenty of sufferers report of constantly being on guard to prevent others from seeing their short, malformed fingernails. This can keep them from relaxing in social situations, directing their energy towards more productive tasks and enjoying conversations with others. In many cases, the hands are being hidden in pockets, under the table or the hands are being balled into fists. Especially in dates, parties or other important events, this offers a great deal of disadvantages. You don't exactly have the best chances of getting accepted in your dream job, if you show up with unattractive, bitten nails.
Although nail biting does not leave any long-term damage on the fingernails itself, it sure can affect numerous aspects of a person such as health, work and the overall contentment of life of a person.

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