Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adult Costume Sizing Guide for Men

When it comes to finding adult costumes for men, it is important for you to become fully aware about how to get your key measurements. You have to know exactly the right measurements of your hips, chest, waist and inseam as this will allow you to purchase an adult costume which can perfectly fit your specific body size. Below is a measurement guide which can help you determine your body size and find the most suitable adult men's costume for you. You will need to use a flexible measuring tape and a friend to help you with the measurement.
Get the broadest expansion of your chest and back by allowing a friend to put the tape measure around your chest. Fold the measuring tape and make sure that the fold is not too loose and too tight. This will allow you to get the right chest measurement.
Put your hands on your hips. Move side by side so your friend will be able to detect your natural waistline. When you move, the specific place where your waist usually bends is your natural waistline. To get its measurement, allow your friend to wrap the tape around it. The right measurement can be found right around your belly button.
Put your hands on your hips once again. The process of measuring your hip is easy because all that your friend needs to do is to replace your thumb and forefinger placed in your hips with the measuring tape. Pull the measuring tape around the hip level to get its accurate measurement.
There are three typical measurements for your torso. The process of getting these measurements requires you to first turn your back on your buddy. Bend your head forward. Let him feel a tiny protrusion on your spine to determine the top of your torso measurement. Turn again with your side on your friend. Allow him to feel the protrusion once again and start the measuring tape from there. Let your buddy draw the measuring tape down to your natural waistline. This will serve as the first torso measurement.
The second torso is measured by starting the measuring tape on the protrusion on the nape once again and ending it a bit lower than your hips. The last torso measurement can be found at the top of your inseams which is considered to be where the fabric of the individual legs of your pants meets. Start the tape measure at the protrusion and end it at the top of the inseams to get the perfect measurement of your third torso.
Hold the tape at the top of your inseam. Let your partner draw the measuring tape down the inside of your legs and end it right at the top of your ankle's bone. This would be the perfect measurement of your inseam.
All the readings that you and your partner have jotted starting from your chest down to your inseam should be used in finding the perfect adult costume for you. If you decide to buy adult costumes for men online, then you no longer need to worry about being unable to find the perfect fit for you. This will make your online shopping experience an even more enjoyable one.

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