Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finding a Nursing School - Accreditation

When selecting the proper nursing school you need to consider a number of factors like the nursing programs offered, school's location, tuition costs, clinical training, number of board NCLEX or National Council Licensure Examination passers and accreditation.
One very crucial factor to look into when looking for a nursing school is the accreditation and you need to make sure that they are accredited by either the Collegiate Nursing and Education (CCNE) or National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC) because students can be assured of quality nursing education and the school provides credible endorsement from these accrediting bodies. Schools accredited by either CCNE or NLNAC have met the requirements and standards that such organizations expect from an educational institution.
The NLNAC in particular accredits virtually all types of nursing programs and the CCNE checks on the quality of nursing programs from the baccalaureate and graduate levels. Entering in an accredited school will enable students to attend any program which is supported by the government and this would make them eligible to take higher degrees of the course. Individuals who are graduates of an accredited school have greater chances of immediate employment since they have gone through intense and quality nursing instruction or training.
Accreditation for nursing programs will be based upon: course description, curriculum plan, source descriptions, clinical areas and facilities of the program, etch. The schools' personnel will also be evaluated like the deans, faculty members or directors, and other practices used by the school in protecting the well-being and health of all students.
When accredited, accrediting bodies may then request the nursing schools to update data on several enrollment figures for each class and the ratio of students, teachers, and the number of enrolled students for the last 5 years, policies utilized in choosing students for graduation, how many students graduated in the past 5 years, and how the students performed in the board examinations for the last 5 years. Accredited nursing schools will also be required to pass a list of achievements as far as meeting the objectives of the nursing program is concerned.
There will be constant inspections in nursing schools by the accrediting body and each school will be required to pass a copy of the audited fiscal report plus its expenditures and income. If the school you graduated from is not accredited, then you may have a problem qualifying for the National Certification and Licensure Examination.

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